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Laurian: AW7 Presenter & Sound Engineer

Laurian: AW7 Presenter & Sound Engineer

Nationality: South African


Melissa: AW7 Producer & Presenter


Nationality: Canadian

With a face for radio and a voice for interpretive dance, success is surely certain…..

photo by Stirling

Arrow in the Sky: Free Download

Arrow in the Sky is an Irish band that we played during out broadcast yesterday.

You can check out their song here:

Their fabulously harmonic EP is available on their website:

You’re welcome!

Sex Offenders Poll

The appeals court in Chicago has overruled an Indiana law from 2008 that bans registered sex offenders from using social networking sites that can be accessed by children, as it restricts the constitutional right to freedom of expression.

Should pedophiles be banned from social media in order to protect children?

Passenger Side

Passenger Side is an indie film from 2009 with an amazing soundtrack and some of the most brilliant dialogue I have encountered in awhile. The humour is extremely dry and deadpan and formulates the basis of the movie which is essentially about two brothers driving around. So if you’re a fan of the quirky and understated, you will really enjoy this film.




hallucinogenic drugs to treat trauma

There is a fantastic article in the Globe and Mail. This is quite a long piece so I will focus on the highlights.

  • the article comments on the fact that North America is inundated with powerful pharmaceuticals that are perfectly legal, yet highly addictive and widely abused
  • the focus of the piece is on the validity of using hallucinogenic drugs for therapeutic purposes as they have been scientifically proven to enable insight, create empathy and assist in long-term recovery from trauma.
  • At UCLA psilocybin – the active ingredient in magic mushrooms – is being used to reduce anxiety in end-stage cancer patients.
  • At the University of Ottawa, a researcher is studying ketamine as an alternative to shock therapy for severely depressed patients.
  • In New Zealand, the hallucinogenic African shrub iboga has been reclassified as a promising treatment for opiate addiction
  • like many psychoactive drugs, MDMA  is derived from natural sources: an oily liquid called extracted from sassafras plants
  • MDMA is an empathogen: It opens your heart, releases you from shame, and puts you in the present moment.
  • there is hope that MDMA can help survivors of childhood trauma and individuals suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • hundreds of thousands of soldiers are believed to be currently suffering from PTSD
  • apparently more soldiers commit suicide after serving in Iraq and Afghanistan than were killed there in combat
  • David Nutt  a psychiatrist at Imperial College London has controversially stated that taking MDMA is no more dangerous than riding a horse

While the article was well written and informative, I have two minor concerns:

  • the first is that the reporter uses the terms MDMA and ecstasy interchangeably which is inaccurate, as ecstasy is derived from MDMA
  • the conclusion attributes a fear of altered states of consciousness in Western culture to the lack of support towards using hallucinogens for therapeutic purposes, yet psychopharmacological products also alter consciousness although in a mind numbing rather than mind expanding way – I would suggest that this hesitancy is more a result of our belief in science over nature

There was a related piece published in 2012

the most ridiculous new item of the week

  • councillors in County Kerry, in the south west Ireland have decided to tackle a pressing social issue
  • apparently younger generations are being culturally deprived of traditional song and dance as older folk in isolated areas are no longer visiting the pubs due to a crackdown on driving under the influence
  • the councillors, many of whom are pub owners are suggesting that police issue drinking permits that allow older people to legally get behind the wheel after imbibing a few drinks
  • the motion was passed by the council and they are actually attempting to get this approved as a law
  • and why not? It seems perfectly reasonable in comparison to other ridiculous ideas such as offering a selection of non-alcoholic beverages, arranging local transport for a nominal fee or free soft drinks for a designated driver

Leuven Entertainment Listings 26 January – 1 February

Entertainment Listings  

Saturday (26)

  • Alpacas, an afrofunk band will play at JH Sojo in Kessel Lo from 9pm. They will be supported by DJs spinning tropical tunes.
  • For all you thrash fans, there are five bands playing tonight at Rock Café starting at 7pm. Cover is only a fiver to see five live bands!

Sunday (27)

  • Radio Scorpio has Lazy Sunday at OPEK which runs from 2-6 and is free every Sunday.
  • Later in the evening, you can proceed to Jazz on Sunday, another weekly event at 9pm  at Stuk

Monday (28)

  • There’s a Soca themed event at de Kemel in the Old Market starting at 2pm in the afternoon and going on into the following morning. There are drink specials and free admission.
  • Jazz band Trioxide plays the Blue Cat at 9pm.

Friday (01)

The Get Out of Town Gig of the Week

Saturday (26)

  • Out Of Control After Dark in Lijnbaansgracht 161, Amsterdam, NL offers a great night of dancing from 23:00 – 04:00 for fans of gothic, industrial and alternative 80’s music. Admission free.
  • If you can’t make it this time, the event runs the last Saturday of each month


On Monday and Tuesday there is a modern dance performance at STUK. Check their website for further details.


  • There’s a good selection of English language films at Cinema zed this weekend.
  • The Life of Pi, Substance and Time Travel Shorts continue
  • There are two Bogart films: Treasure of Sierra Madre from 1948 and the Howard Hawks directed Big Sleep from 1946, starring Bogart and Bacall
  • The Perks of Being a Wallflower, released last year, starring Emma Watson of Harry Potter fame.
  • The one I’m dying to see starts on February 1st. It’s called Safety Not Guaranteed and is about three reporters who want to write a story about a guy who placed a classified ad seeking a time travel companion. It’s from the producers of Little Miss Sunshine and features Jake Johnson who plays Nick on New Girl.


English producer Vessel was wrongly identified as being from Leeds (or The Leeds – hello nervous flub!) when he is in fact from Bristol! Definitely a new fav in electronica and he will be in Leuven for Artefact. You can check out his deets here:

Blue Suns interview

Blue Suns will be in the studio today for an interview. This is their last day in Belgium before they hit the recording studio in Cornwall.

Update: They were lovely! You can hear the interview here: