What constitutes sexual assault?

A Canadian man who poked holes in his girlfriend’s condoms to get her pregnant will have to serve 18 months in jail. The man in question had been dating his partner for about nine months; the relationship wasn’t going well so he wanted to impregnate her in order to save their relationship. The woman became pregnant, had an abortion and then suffered a few weeks of complications. He was convicted of sexual assault a year ago and sentenced to 18 months behind bars, which he appealed. The case recently went to trial again and the court of appeal  maintained the verdict.  While reading online comments discussing this story, a common refrain was that some women have  deceived their partners in the past by pretending to take birth control and then become pregnant, yet they have not been accused of sexual assault.  Should consensual sex that has the agenda of creating a nonconsensual pregnancy  be considered sexual assault?


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