Women for wages

  • A woman who was raped by security forces has been charged by the government. for simulating a criminal offense and making a false accusation
  • Those two charges carry a sentence of up to nine years.
  • As Human Rights Watch reports, the woman gave an interview to the journalist about the alleged rape on Jan. 8; it wasn’t published, but the journo reported the crime two days later to police and was then detained by police.
  • The group has called the charges politically motivated, and reports Somalian police have accused the journalist of helping to produce an al-Jazeera report on rape in Somalia
  • al-Jazeera says he was not involved in their report
  • These charges are likely politically motivated and stemming from within the state
  • The NY Times did a piece in 2011 stating that  young girls were being kidnapped and used as sex slaves to improve militia morale.
  • The militia is out of money and substituting girls for wages.
  • Those who refuse to marry a fighter are killed.
  • There is one positive aspect, Sisters of Somalia, the country’s first rape crisis centre has been opened to support victims



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