Good news for gay rights advocates in Europe

  • Gay marriage should soon be legal in France and parts of the UK
  • France’s National Assembly has approved a controversial bill that would legalize gay marriage.
  • What is causing the controversy is not the gay marriage component but the fact  the bill would also legalize gay adoption and protests have recently been held in Paris as a result
  • British legislators have approved gay marriage in England and Wales despite fierce opposition from members of the Conservative party, with half of the PM`s Conservative legislators refusing to back him on this issue

In chronological order, the other countries that have federally legalized same-sex marriage are:

Netherlands – 2001
Belgium – 2003
Canada and Spain – 2005
South Africa – 2006
Norway – 2008
Sweden – 2009
Argentina, Portugal and Iceland – 2010
Brazil – 2011
Denmark – 2012


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