Leuven Entertainment Listings 16 – 22 March

Saturday (16)

  • There’s a carnival themed lesbian night at Musicafé starting at 8pm.
  • Slam Poet Saul Williams performs a free show tonight at Stuk at 10pm as part of The Colora Festival.

Sunday (17)

  • Radio Scorpio has Lazy Sunday at OPEK which runs from 2-6 and is free every Sunday.
  • There’s a Paddy’s Day celebration at Stapleton’s.
  • Belgian indie band Headphone play a free show at Het depot. 8pm.
  • STUK has Jazz on Sunday, a free weekly event starting at 9pm.

Monday (18)

  • Radio Scorpio has CULT at OPEK which runs from 8-10 and is free every Monday.
  • Big Noise play a free New Orleans Jazz show at The Blue Cat at 9pm.

Wednesday (20)

  • Bed Rugs and The Van Jets play Het Depot. 8pm €14 – €19
  • Chambrangs play an indie show at Café Revue from 9:30.
  • A Bach concert at 8pm at The Lemmens Institute. Runs today and tomorrow.

Thursday (21)

  • Huey and The New Yorkers play Het Depot at 8pm. €13 – €19
  • Sam Vloemans, a latin soul band perform at The Bebop as part of The Colora Festival. €14 – €16

Leuven Jazz Festival

The Get Out of Town Gig of the Week

Wednesday (20)

  • Back to the Grave is a free weekly event at Madame Mustache
  • Featuring garage, voodoo and rockabilly, it sounds like my dream night!
  •  Madame Mustache: Quai au Bois à Brûler 5-7, Brussels
  • http://www.madamemoustache.be/contact.php

Cinema Zed

  • Kinoglaz, an experimental silent Russian film from 1924 plays on Sunday
  • The Navigator, a Buster Keaton silent film from 1924 plays on Wednesday
  • http://www.cinemazed.be/schema/index.asp (English link not working)

Afrika Film Festival

  • AFF continues until the 30th
  • The festival has at least half a dozen films showing this week that are either in English or have English subtitles
  • Check website for details
  • http://www.afrikafilmfestival.be/en

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