Leuven Entertainment Listings 30 March – 5 April

Leuven Entertainment Listings 30 March – 5 April

Saturday (30)

  • There’s a free techno night at Apero from 10pm – 5am.

Sunday (31)

  • Radio Scorpio has Lazy Sunday at OPEK from 2-6 and it’s free every Sunday.
  • There’s a quiz at The beginning from 630pm.
  • STUK has Jazz on Sunday, a free weekly event starting at 9pm.

Monday (1)

  • Radio Scorpio has CULT at OPEK which runs from 8-10 and is free every Monday.
  • The Goossens band play a free funk/blues show at The Blue Cat at 9pm.

Tuesday (2)

  • Ruby Dee and the Snake Handlers, a US Roots band play Café Revue at 8pm.

Wednesday (3)

  • It’s open mic night at Het Depot. 8pm. Free


The Get Out of Town Gig of the Week

Saturday (30)

  • Joseph Capriati (he’s on the Drumcode label)  and 7 other DJs play Fuse in Brussels
  • If you’re a Adam Beyer fan (and who isn’t) you’ll enjoy the show
  • 9 Euro before 00h / 13 Euro after 00h
  • http://www.fuse.be/fuse/?p=13673



Ithaka Festival

Rockin’ Around Turnhout Festival

  • Rockin’ Around Turnhout is one of the largest Rockabilly festivals in Belgium
  • It runs from 29th-31st
  • About 70km from Leuven
  • http://www.grasshopper.be/

Acosse Rock & Blues Festival

Cinema Zed

  • Seven Psychopaths starts on Wednesday. The comedy stars Colin Farrell as a struggling screen writer who becomes involved with the criminal world in LA.
  • The Sessions also starts Wednesday. It’s an indie film based on the true story of  a poet paralyzed from the neck down who hires a sex surrogate to lose his virginity.
  • The Master, a US film from 2012 about an alcoholic veteran and his friendship with a self-proclaimed prophet continues
  • The Lodger, a mystery from 1927 about a serial killer who targets blonde women continues.
  • The Sightseers is a new film from the UK about a couple taking a road trip in their caravan continues.

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