Leuven Entertainment Listings 6 – 12 April

Leuven Entertainment Listings 6 – 12 April

Saturday (6)

  • No Angry Young Man plays a pop and instrumental mix at Wagehuys.€9-12 8pm.
  • Face The Fax has their release party at Sojos from 7pm-1130. They’re supported by 5 additional bands and entrance is only a fiver.

Sunday (7)

  • Radio Scorpio has Lazy Sunday at OPEK from 2-6 and it’s free every Sunday.
  • STUK has Jazz on Sunday, a free weekly event starting at 9pm.

Monday (8)

  • Radio Scorpio has CULT at OPEK which runs from 8-10 and is free every Monday.
  • Boogie Beats play a free roots based boogie show at The Blue Cat at 9pm.

Tuesday (9)

  • Apero has a reggae and dancehall themed evening with 4 DJs.

Wednesday (10)

  • Iza plays a free pop show in Het Depot foyer to promote her new CD. 8pm.

Thursday (11)

  • Danish band Baby Woodrose play a psychedelic show at Sojos from 7-11pm.

Friday (12)

  • Jools Holland is supported by an orchestra at Het Depot from 8pm. €28-33


The Get Out of Town Gig of the Week

Wednesday (10)

  • There’s a psychobilly double bill at The Rambler in Eindhoven, NL.
  • It starts at 930 and tickets are €8 or €5 if you buy online in advance
  • Stationsplein 12
  • http://www.therambler.nl (Dutch only)


Cinema Zed

  • Salvation Boulevard starts Wednesday. It is a satirical movie about a charismatic evangelical preacher., played by Pierce Brosnan.
  • Seven Psychopaths continues. The comedy stars Colin Farrell as a struggling screen writer who becomes involved with the criminal world in LA.
  • The Sessions continues. It’s an indie film based on the true story of  a poet paralyzed from the neck down who hires a sex surrogate to lose his virginity.

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