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Leuven Entertainment Listings 29th June – 6th July

Pickings are slim and I kindly suggest that you direct your support towards establishments who make an effort during the student free months….

Saturday (29)

  • There’s a dance night with Stevolver at Louvain, Louvain.

Sunday (30)

  • Radio Scorpio has Lazy Sunday at OPEK from 2-6 and it’s free every Sunday.

Monday (1)

  • Mai Harvest & You’ll Live play Rock Café
  • Happy Canada Day!

Wednesday (3)

  • Shakin’ Up plays a Rockabilly Blues show at 9pm in Orient.

Friday (5)

  • There’s a free urban trad show in Oude Markt from 9-1130pm.

Saturday (6)

  • A VIP Africa Nite at Club Montreal starts at 10pm. €5
  • Wheel of Smoke play Rock Café.

The Get Out of Town Gig of the Week 


#24: The Rock n Roll Sleaze Episode

Just uploaded our latest broadcast. Lots of great sleazetastic tunes!


There are four songs in this episode that share a common connection. If you live in Leuven and email a correct answer (listing the songs and what they have in common) before next week`s episode – I`ll buy you a beer!

Pervert Prevention?

These tights are being marketed in China as a deterrent for unwanted sexual advances (perhaps they should be called Stockings for Stalkers?). Once again, potential victims are being asked to take responsibility for the lack of impulse control exhibited by others. Sigh.

hairy tights

While on many levels this is actually quite funny, the `solution`fails to recognise that harassment is not merely about beauty, it is about perceptions of public ownership and will most likely result in one form of unwanted attention being replaced by another.

World`s Ugliest Dog?

The World`s Ugliest Dog Contest (an annual event in the US) took place on Friday.I`m being nitpicky, but really it should be called America`s ugliest dog, but I digress. Friday`s winner was Walle (on the left). The dog on the right was also a competitor. Seriously?


Leuven Entertainment Listings 22– 28 June

Saturday (22)

  • It’s Hillbilly Night at Rock Café from 7pm. Free. It’s going to be a wild one!
  • Electric Eclectic hosts a free alternative music night at Café Belge from 9pm.

Sunday (23)

  • Radio Scorpio has Lazy Sunday at OPEK from 2-6 and it’s free every Sunday.
  • Sher Khan & Crow system play a prog rock show at Rock café at 9pm. €3

Monday (24)

  • Deep Blue Sea is showing at Cinema Zed at 10.30pm.

Wednesday (26)

  • Slagwerk, featuring 7 DJs is on at the Social Club from 10pm – 5am. €4
  • Seven Psychopaths is showing at Cinema Zed at 10.30pm. Last movie of the season.

Thursday (27)

  • There`s a free DJ night at Social Club from 9pm. Rodenbach is €1 all night.

Friday (28)

  • Johnny Trash will be at The Saloon for their one year celebration from 5pm.
  • It’s Birthday Friday at Rodin`s so if you had a bday in June, show up between 11pm and 1am with your ID and claim a free drink.

The Get Out of Town Gig of the Week (Friday 28th June)

Travel Tips for the Unenlightened

Forget that horsesh*t about traveling to gain new experiences and expand your horizons. Most of us travel because we secretly believe that our country of origin is vastly superior to whatever far flung destination we are gracing with our presence and we want everyone else to know it too.

The Linguistic Divide

Contrary to popular belief, locals do not appreciate it when visitors take time to learn a few snippets of their language. The fact that they can mock you without your understanding is what makes you such a welcome guest. Besides, language is only a barrier for those who don’t speak loud enough. If at first you don’t succeed, try yelling and possibly even getting angry to demonstrate your impatience.

Act the Part

Travel only changes the outlook of those who are unsure of their convictions. As a tourist, you are bringing money into the economy and this pretty much enables you to act however you please. Demand forks and ask for ketchup with everything. Throw money (literally) at those less fortunate, slow moving locals in order to get what you want.

Haggling as Death Match

Let’s face it; the locals only want to rip you off. If they’re not going to clearly communicate their prices then they have just declared a throwdown. So what if it’s only two cents in your currency and it took you 20 minutes to reach that price, you won!

Get Inspired

Look around – everything is SO foreign. It’s as if this has all been staged as a chapter in your personal memoir. Life is your art project and you should treat it as such. Block busy walkways as you repeatedly take identical photos in search of the perfect shot. Stick your camera in the faces and homes of locals and click away; asking permission would spoil the shot. Thank you universe!

Be a Cultural Ambassador

Many locals will never get to travel, so treat this as a valuable opportunity to show those less fortunate how to improve. Suggestions include, constantly reminding others that things are much bigger and better in your country, followed by lengthy explanations of why this is so. Sometimes you will need to engage in tough love and actually point out how disgusting and foreign their practices are, particularly in terms of toilets (Surely it’s much more sanitary that human waste is located within your home rather than outdoors and of course it is more hygienic to clean with paper than actual water).

Don’t worry about wasting your hard earned funds on a return ticket. Apply the suggestions above and chances are you will get a free ticket home when your many new friends take up a collection to return you to your beloved home ASAP. 

Published under the title Make Yourself Unforgettable in the June 2013 edition of The Voice.

The Riot Grrrl Next Door Episode


The Riot Grrrl Next Door Episode

Just uploaded episode 23#. Lots of great retro Riot Grrrl tunes.

Clothing stapled to Rihanna’s lady bits

Clothing stapled to Rihanna’s lady bits

I love this story! Even more pleased that it comes from a place I once called home…

Leuven Entertainment Listings 15– 21 June

Sunday (16)

  • Radio Scorpio has Lazy Sunday at OPEK from 2-6 and it’s free every Sunday.

Monday (17)

  • Radio Scorpio has CULT at OPEK which runs from 8-10 and is free every Monday.
  • There’s an open mic comedy night at The Saloon from 830. €2
  • The extremely charming Moonrise Kingdom is on at Cinema Zed at 1030.

Tuesday (18)

  • Float Fall play a free show at STUK café at 9pm.

Thursday (20)

  • Caulfield Drive play Rock Café.

Friday (21)

  • It’s the third Friday of the month which makes it lesbian night at Café Rocco.

The Get Out of Town Gig of the Week (Friday 21st June)

I’m Speechless


Image by Infiltrate Media

Just uploaded episode 22. There’s a short but sweet interview with Odette and Jan from Miss O.