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That’s all, That’s it, Good night…..


Producing AW7 has been such a fantastic experience. I had been gravitating towards the idea of radio for quite awhile but the timing was never quite right. Then I arrived in Belgium and things just fell into place. Producing the show has been one of the most rewarding things I have ever done and I am  truly grateful to have been offered this opportunity.

After the first episode I went home and cried for two hours because I was so disappointed with myself and that’s when I realised this little indie show meant so much to me, in order to elicit such a reaction. I also realised that sure, I was awful but no one had died  and I would get better.

And so I went in not even being able to find the light switch in the control room to doing production, sound engineering and post production. I know there’s still room for improvement and that’s what makes it so exciting.

Promoting under-represented musicians and giving exposure to local talent is one of my great passions and the interviews were one of my favourite aspects of the position. Interviewing was also my favourite task when I was  a reviews editor but there is something so fundamentally satisfying about listening to a live broadcast and hearing the energy in the room.

A big thank you to all of our guests who came in for interviews, STUK and of course, Radio Scorpio. Thanks to Laurian and Dana who started as co-presenters and finished as friends. And most importantly, I want to thank all of our listeners both live and on Mixcloud as well everyone who has offered their support via this blog and through social media.

As a reminder: all of our shows (with the exception of episodes #1 & #8 when we encountered tech issues) are on Mixcloud for perpetuity, or until standards of taste and decency require their removal.

Until we meet again…..



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#25 The Bittersweet Good-Bye Episode

Just uploaded our final episode. Lots of great tunes and interesting news!

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Happy Canada Day!

Good news for Canadians, Canada was voted as the place with the best reputation worldwide for the third year in a row! It is important to note that only G8 countries voted. As a Canadian (writing this on Canada Day while in Belgium) I feel very conflicted about this news.

There’s obvious happiness that this is the public perception but it worries me because our treasured health care is suffering, we’re still not very progressive in our stance towards the First Nation  population and please don’t get me started on the Kyoto Accord or linguistic issues.

My greatest fear is that these results are going to be used as a type of shield by those perpetuating these trends as a way to avoid dealing with the issues. I’m not going to harp(er) on it as today is supposed to be a day of celebration. Instead I will raise a glass (ou deux) in honour of the fact that people don’t really know us well enough to despise us (and yes, despite beliefs to the contrary, Canadians do share some cultural commonalities, deprecation being one of them).


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Can I Come Too

Played this song on the show Saturday. Rattlesnake Choir are a fantastic band from Toronto. And yes, the percussionist (Sam Ferrara) is playing an instrument made from slinky toys.


There are free outdoor music performances every Friday in Leuven for the month of July. Lets hope for good weather!

B Movie Fest


There’s a B-Movie fest in Recyclart for the month of July. You know you want to……