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Due to a malfunction, yesterday’s show was not recorded and will not be on Mixcloud.

Our set list included the following songs:

The Morons are Winning – The Awkward Stage (Canada)

Kibori – Mahala Rai Banda (Romania)

Scarlet Letter – The Ultra Kings (US)

Black Hole – Blackie & The Oohoos (Belgium)

Thanks to Martin and Rudi for coming in.

A shout out to my bus driver friend Patrick who saved me when I was stranded and freezing.



Apologies to listeners that emailed in questions for the Valgeir SigurĂ°sson interview last Saturday. Unfortunately, Valgeir did not make it to the station but we may do a Skype interview in the future.


English producer Vessel was wrongly identified as being from Leeds (or The Leeds – hello nervous flub!) when he is in fact from Bristol! Definitely a new fav in electronica and he will be in Leuven for Artefact. You can check out his deets here: