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B Movie Fest


There’s a B-Movie fest in Recyclart for the month of July. You know you want to……


Miss O in studio tomorrow

Odette Di Maio & Jan de Block from duo Miss O will visit with us before their show at Libertad at 10pm. Miss O created a heart breakingly beautiful score to the 1903 version of Alice in Wonderland. Listen and be amazed….

In Honour of Paddy’s Day: Yu Ming Is Ainm Dom

I absolutely love this charming short film! It’s about a Chinese man who learns Irish and moves to Dublin, only to realise that most of the population can’t understand him.

Passenger Side

Passenger Side is an indie film from 2009 with an amazing soundtrack and some of the most brilliant dialogue I have encountered in awhile. The humour is extremely dry and deadpan and formulates the basis of the movie which is essentially about two brothers driving around. So if you’re a fan of the quirky and understated, you will really enjoy this film.