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Pervert Prevention?

These tights are being marketed in China as a deterrent for unwanted sexual advances (perhaps they should be called Stockings for Stalkers?). Once again, potential victims are being asked to take responsibility for the lack of impulse control exhibited by others. Sigh.

hairy tights

While on many levels this is actually quite funny, the `solution`fails to recognise that harassment is not merely about beauty, it is about perceptions of public ownership and will most likely result in one form of unwanted attention being replaced by another.


Corona Virus

  • A third patient in Britain has contracted a new SARS-like virus, becoming the second confirmed British case in a week
  • Sadly, one person died in the UK yesterday as a result of the virus
  • The Corona virus was identified by the World Health Organisation in September 2012
  • The first documented case was a Qatari male who had recently visited Saudi Arabia.
  • So far, 11 people have contracted the virus and 6 have died
  • Most of the infected lived or had recently visited the Middle East
  • The WHO has stated there is currently no need for travel restrictions or special screening