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#25 The Bittersweet Good-Bye Episode

Just uploaded our final episode. Lots of great tunes and interesting news!

goodbye heart2


Can I Come Too

Played this song on the show Saturday. Rattlesnake Choir are a fantastic band from Toronto. And yes, the percussionist (Sam Ferrara) is playing an instrument made from slinky toys.


There are free outdoor music performances every Friday in Leuven for the month of July. Lets hope for good weather!

#24: The Rock n Roll Sleaze Episode

Just uploaded our latest broadcast. Lots of great sleazetastic tunes!


There are four songs in this episode that share a common connection. If you live in Leuven and email a correct answer (listing the songs and what they have in common) before next week`s episode – I`ll buy you a beer!

The Riot Grrrl Next Door Episode


The Riot Grrrl Next Door Episode

Just uploaded episode 23#. Lots of great retro Riot Grrrl tunes.

I’m Speechless


Image by Infiltrate Media

Just uploaded episode 22. There’s a short but sweet interview with Odette and Jan from Miss O.

Two Reasons

we played this band on the show today. Trippy vid!

Miss O in studio tomorrow

Odette Di Maio & Jan de Block from duo Miss O will visit with us before their show at Libertad at 10pm. Miss O created a heart breakingly beautiful score to the 1903 version of Alice in Wonderland. Listen and be amazed….

Check out our latest broadcast!

Check out our latest broadcast!

#21 – The “Donkeys and Poltergeists and Zombies, oh my!” episode

#20: The Slightly Sticky Episode

#20: The Slightly Sticky Episode

Cake Baby thinks you should check out our newest episode which includes all kinds of indie rock. Frosting not included.