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Happy Canada Day!

Good news for Canadians, Canada was voted as the place with the best reputation worldwide for the third year in a row! It is important to note that only G8 countries voted. As a Canadian (writing this on Canada Day while in Belgium) I feel very conflicted about this news.

There’s obvious happiness that this is the public perception but it worries me because our treasured health care is suffering, we’re still not very progressive in our stance towards the First Nation  population and please don’t get me started on the Kyoto Accord or linguistic issues.

My greatest fear is that these results are going to be used as a type of shield by those perpetuating these trends as a way to avoid dealing with the issues. I’m not going to harp(er) on it as today is supposed to be a day of celebration. Instead I will raise a glass (ou deux) in honour of the fact that people don’t really know us well enough to despise us (and yes, despite beliefs to the contrary, Canadians do share some cultural commonalities, deprecation being one of them).


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Passenger Side

Passenger Side is an indie film from 2009 with an amazing soundtrack and some of the most brilliant dialogue I have encountered in awhile. The humour is extremely dry and deadpan and formulates the basis of the movie which is essentially about two brothers driving around. So if you’re a fan of the quirky and understated, you will really enjoy this film.

Review: http://www.guardian.co.uk/film/2011/mar/31/passenger-side-review

Soundtrack: http://www.passengersidemovie.com/about/music/

Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rM-AiVu4JDg