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#25 The Bittersweet Good-Bye Episode

Just uploaded our final episode. Lots of great tunes and interesting news!


goodbye heart2


#24: The Rock n Roll Sleaze Episode

Just uploaded our latest broadcast. Lots of great sleazetastic tunes!


There are four songs in this episode that share a common connection. If you live in Leuven and email a correct answer (listing the songs and what they have in common) before next week`s episode – I`ll buy you a beer!


#20: The Slightly Sticky Episode

#20: The Slightly Sticky Episode

Cake Baby thinks you should check out our newest episode which includes all kinds of indie rock. Frosting not included.


#19 – The Sexcapades Episode

Just uploaded our latest episode. LOTS of GREAT tunes!

propeller head


#18: The (mostly) Punk & P*ssed Off Episode

Bad ass Bitches Sera Era
Bad Ass Bitches Image by Sera Era http://sera-era.deviantart.com/

Femcore! http://www.mixcloud.com/AW7News/around-the-world-in-seven-days-5-11-2013/

Just Uploaded Episode 17

edna turnblad 2

Episode 17

Female groups from the early 60s (and one from the late 50s). Even Edna Turnblad approves!

worst radio show ever?

Tune in and find out! 6pm this evening is our first broadcast. We don’t have a jingle yet and we are just learning how to use the equipment! But we believe in the power of community radio and we we will be talking about sex a fair bit in our first broadcast. This was not intentional just all of the interesting bits happened to be leaning that way (pun intended).